Frequently Asked Questions

The hall of the Elisabethenkirche is suitable for numerous kinds of events: from small-scale birthday parties, huge company events to product presentations, exhibitions or pop-up retail – everything is possible.

The Elisabethenkirche charges different fees depending on whether the event is private or open to the public. The Elisabethenkirche Basel reserves the right to classify your event itself according to its private or public nature.
Contact us for a price quote for your event with us – individually tailored to your needs.

The rooms of the Elisabethenkirche in Basel equipped with standard seating. i.e. row seating. The re-arranging or removal of the seats is possible upon request.

The Elisabethenkirche is an open church in the heart of Basel. This means that it is open to the people and provides an open space in the middle of the city. The renting of the hall can curtail this fundamental principle. The rent must therefore be paid when the hall of the church is occupied in a way that blocks it for other uses.

The Elisabethenkirche Basel understands a public event as an event which does not limit its target group in any way. This means that either the entrance is free or tickets are freely available to everyone and the event could be included in the program of the Open Church Elisabethen. As we try to provide a public space in Basel, the rental charges depend on the nature of the event.

By private event, the Elisabethenkirche means an event which is only open to a particular target group, e.g. only invited guests, in which case the Elisabethenkirche will be closed to the public.
During the setup of a private event, however, the church should remain open to the public, so that the open church of Elisabethen Basel stays true to her name and open to all visitors who would like to experience the various opportunities the church has to offer. If this is not desired by the organizer, we can offer an exclusive rental agreement for the hall upon request As we try to provide a public space in Basel, the rental charges depend on the nature of the event and the possible closing of the Elisabethenkirche.

We understand by an exclusive rental agreement the closing of the entire church, so that visitors are no longer allowed in. As a complete closing of the Elisabethenkirche contradicts the idea of an open church which is to keep the hall open to everyone, this is reflected in the rental charge and is only possible by prior arrangement with us.

The maximum capacity of the rooms of the Elisabethenkirche Basel is approx. 500 guests, varying according to different settings:

  • Seated dinner: ca. 200 people
  • Reception: ca. 500 people
  • Concert: ca. 400 people.

The hall of the Elisabethenkirche Basel is equipped with a basic sound and lighting system. The use is included in the rental charge, but you need to be instructed by our in-house technician on its use.
Additional lighting and audio equipment can be rented from us.

Due to its architecture, the Elisabethenkirche has no kitchen and cannot offer an own catering option. But the set-up of a kitchen tent next to the church building enables us to offer you a catering option.
For a smooth passing of the event, we recommend the catering teams of the Café Bar Elisabethen or the RadissonBlu Basel. You are, however, free to choose the caterer you like.

In accordance with the applicable legislation (§ 36 Gastgewerbegesetz/ Swiss Licensing Act), you are covered by the liquor license of the Café Bar Elisabethen, weekdays until 1am, and on Saturday and Sunday until 2am.
Outside the opening hours of the café, you need to obtain a license yourself. The renter is responsible for obtaining the licenses.

The Elisabethenkirche does not have to comply with special noise protection regulation. The setup or the dismantling can thus be executed at night by prior arrangement with us.

The Elisabethenkirche is located centrally in the heart of the city of Basel, next door to the theatre and only seven minutes by foot from Basel main station SBB.
You can reach the Elisabethenkirche easily by public transport: tram stop Bankverein (tram 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14), Theater (tram 6, 10, E11, 16, 17) and by regional or long-distance traffic via the SBB.

There is a small number of on-site parking spaces at the Elisabethenkirche in Basel. We are happy to talk about the parking when you have decided to rent the hall of the Elisabethenkirche. Should your guests not come by public transport, they can use the parking blocks Anfos, Steinen, Aeschen and Elisabethen in close proximity to the church.

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