If you are looking for something special for your wedding ceremony, you will be amazed by this unusual and flexible event location. The listed Elisabethenkirche from the 19th century offers a breathtaking ambience for events of all kinds. The park-like garden in the adjacent parsonage is the perfect location for an Apero.

The extraordinary event location is equipped with professional modern light and audio technology and can be adapted to the most diverse requirements and to different numbers of guests. It offers the ideal setting for your perfect day.

Everything is conveniently located: Train station and public transport within walking distance. For organizers and service providers parking spaces next to the church.

The pastor of the Open Church Elisabethen is

  • 55 years old
  • Theologian and journalist
  • Director of the Open Church Elisabethen in Basel (home of the charity discos, the refugee projects DA-SEIN & FRAU-SEIN, the animal blessing service and the discussion series «Basel im Gespräch»)
  • Consultant/coach of the «Bikers Against Child Abuse (B.A.C.A)»
  • Expert psychological emergency aid and care team leader Swiss Army
  • Advisor and attendant of public ceremonies
    … and has already conducted about 100 weddings and
    partnership blessings.

Requested donation:

  • CHF 1700.– for a spiritual-religious and/or free wedding ceremony, incl. preliminary meetings and main rehearsal in the greater Basel area (30 km radius)
  • CHF 2000.–: not in the Basel area, journey over 30 km to 100 km (including main rehearsal)
  • Journey over 100 km: CHF 200.–/hour additional
  • Further information by agreement. Contact by mail or phonen +41 79 652 00 01

«Frank was the wedding speaker at our free wedding. We felt comfortable with him from the beginning. His open, direct and very loving manner carried us through every meeting and especially through the ceremony. The arrangement of his wedding speech was very personal, which we and especially our guests appreciated extraordinarily. Looking back, Frank was indispensable for our
wedding and we carry this day with him forever.»

«To say that Frank just accompanied us, would be an understatement. He gifted us with a lively yet profound ceremony and a speech that – literally – changed some of our guests’ lives. It was a pleasure and a blessing for us to have found him. We never thought it would be possible to integrate two cultures in a ceremony, my husband is Swiss and I am Chinese: But he made it work.»

«For all your words – the funny, the cheerful, the courageous, the enlightening, the thoughtful, the hopeful, the loving – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts; this wedding ceremony is another important milestone in our common history and will remain forever in our most beautiful memory.»

«It is very important to us to thank you again in this way. Even if words cannot express what you have given us with your company and the wedding ceremony, we do not want to leave either untried. When we asked you for our wedding ceremony almost a year and a half ago, we thought we knew that we had found a companion for our wedding in you who would perform our wedding ceremony in a
form – with humor, youthfulness, commitment and the right amount of seriousness – that suited us. What we did not know was that this wedding ceremony would be one of the absolute highlights of our whole wedding celebration, both for us and for our wedding party» 

«Dear Frank!
We would like to thank you again for the wonderful wedding. You made the most beautiful day for us with your wedding ceremony. It was unique, you were unique. All our guests were brightly excited, touched and overjoyed, just like us. And then your sung ‘Halleluja’ with German lyrics, just for us! If someone tells about our wedding, then everyone says: this pastor, so wonderful, so human and he speaks exactly from life and everyone feels addressed in a positive sense. Some rethink their actions in their relationship and thank you for the beautiful and lively sermon. My neighbors, as I already told you on the phone, have reconnected through you. We are so happy about that.»

Book the church together with our pastor for your wedding
ceremony and benefit from our wedding packages!

  1. Church rental for wedding ceremony with Frank Lorenz CHF 3800.-
  2. Church rental for wedding ceremony with Frank Lorenz +
    Party CHF 6900.-
    3. Church rental for wedding ceremony with Frank Lorenz +
    Party + Garden Apero CHF 7600.-

Excl. additional services such as technical support, light/sound system, use of grand piano/organ etc. Prices on request.


The right catering for apéros and banquets

Trained meeting and event managers of the Radisson Blu Hotel, Basel, support the planning and organization of large dinners, including aperitifs in the nearby parish garden. The in-house catering team realizes all culinary wishes from standing receptions and gourmet menus to large banquets. Even unusual theme events can be realized.


The right light and the roaring party

The Sepix team, which has already realized umpteen of the legendary Ü30 parties, will also advise you on decoration, light and sound. Part of the full service:

  • comprehensive technical advice, planning and implementation
  • technical support on site
  • Electricity planning
  • Logistics
  • Storage and maintenance

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